Meadow bird farmers

Meadow bird farmers is a research project of the professorship Meadow bird.

The issue

One farm that focuses on meadow bird management is more successful than another focusing on the same. The reason for this is that the more successful farmer(s) have a greater than average 'eye' for meadow birds. During the meadow bird season, the business operations of the more successful farms are in fact put at the service of the meadow birds.

The downside of this success is that farm management (planning of grazing and fodder harvesting) is compromised. The mosaic becomes too complex due to, for instance, the many meadow bird nests, unmowed strips and late-mowed parcels. It is expected that these farms, because of the extra efforts for meadow bird management, will not be sufficiently rewarded economically by the current management compensation.

The project

The aim of the project is to provide insight into the labour effort and extra costs incurred by these meadow bird farmers.


The results give an indication of the additional costs on meadow bird farms. Subsequently, it will be examined whether it is necessary to provide additional compensation for these farms by developing additional ANLb packages or other incentive schemes.

Name of professor/researcher: Astrid Manhoudt/ Anne Jansma
Project duration: December 2022
Project partners: Collectives, Alfa accountants en adviseurs