Project: monitoring of animal behaviour, health and welfare (x3D)

X3D was a research project of the professorship Animal behavior, health and welfare.

OnePlanet Research Center, Wageningen Livestock Research, VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL), Saxion University of Applied Sciences and University of Twente joined forces in the EFRO cluster and network reinforcement project “x3D”. x3D stands for information, communication and sensor technology (ics, pronounced x) monitoring animal behavior, animal health and animal welfare (3D).

The x3D project initiates, promotes and strengthens cooperation between (SME) business, knowledge institutions and end users. This leads to x3D innovations, resulting in a contribution to the economic and social development of the East Netherlands region. Project activities consist of connecting stakeholders through a joint roadmap, organizing inspiration and matchmaking meetings, developing valorisation and collaboration projects, coaching in groups of SME entrepreneurs, and the promotion of the x3D cluster.

The project runs from October 2018 until October 2022.

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