Green Entrepreneurship Centre

Enterprise, learning and doing!

Our mission is to promote and support sustainable entrepreneurship among our students and alumni. To this end, we offer students, alumni and businesses an inspiring knowledge centre with many opportunities to become proficient and achieve ambitions.

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) is a knowledge centre within the VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) which trains and coaches enterprising students, alumni and (future) entrepreneurs. The GEC supports start-ups and projects geared towards sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship. The GEC is for all students and alumni, regardless of the training programme you have followed at the VHL. The centre operates via an extensive network in which facilities, guidance and opportunities are offered.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship and it has a special focus on student start-ups.

As a knowledge centre of VHL, we contribute to the achievement of the entrepreneurial ambitions of our students and alumni. We do this with a view to a green economy in which terms such as the circular economy, climate goals, internationalisation, innovation and cooperation have become self-evident. We encourage entrepreneurial students to strive for sustainable business operations. The development goals of the UN, Global Goals, can serve as a guide here.

Whether you want to start a business as an architect or consultant, wish to be a start-up in forestry, (international) agribusiness or would like to become a social entrepreneur, visit us and familiarise yourself with the Green Entrepreneurship Centre. We will probably be able to contribute something to your efforts!

For businesses, students… and for you?

The centre offers many opportunities for students, including personal coaching, IT facilities, network meetings, microloans, idea labs and a ‘sustainable entrepreneurship’ minor. There are also opportunities for existing companies, alumni, governments and consultancy companies with an assignment or question or issue in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre distinguishes four angles.

  • International entrepreneurship
    International business focuses on conducting business in an international environment. As an international entrepreneur, you are likely to be faced with an international market, imports and exports, the launch of an overseas company or sales office, international chain cooperation and international consultancy.
  • Social entrepreneurship
    When it comes to social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not only focused on income, but also on social significance. This can involve social and/or ecological value creation. An example of this is setting up a foundation or cooperative that supports sustainable business operations or small farmers.
  • Internal entrepreneurship
    Alternatively, you can launch your own project within an organisation or manage your own department where entrepreneurship is of great importance. This is about seeing opportunities to do something differently and to serve customers in a better way. You can, for example, think of more effective product development or improved service provision within nature organisations or social organisations.
  • Projects in the field of the circular economy
    The circular economy is all about looking at energy, raw materials and production in a different way. How can you maximise re-use and minimise value destruction? This involves setting up and implementing projects that require knowledge of biobased production, natural ecosystems, sustainable energy and the re-use of waste.