In collaboration with knowledge institutions in Gelderland, VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) offers a wide range of workshops, training programmes and courses. This is done in Velp under the name Orion Start-up Academy. Cooperation is also in the pipeline in Leeuwarden.

1. Start-up programme

This training programme focuses on your business ideas and on the questions to which you would like to find answers.

  • The start-up programme aims to challenge young entrepreneurs with ambitious but feasible plans. This is done using the latest insights in the field of innovation, upscaling and production processes. We also bring starters together with knowledge-intensive and/or innovative companies to allow them to learn from each other’s developments.
  • In a number of half-day sessions spread over two months, a group of eight to twelve participants works intensively on improving their (own) company or business concept. Preparation literature is available for each session. The working language is English.
  • Information on time, content and costs will follow.

2. Entrepreneurship certificate

The certificate stands for expertise in management and entrepreneurship. The modules are in the English language.

  • Introduction & training in entrepreneurial skills;
  • Marketing, logistics and quality plan;
  • Assessments;
  • Import / export plan

3. Workshops and masterclasses

The Green Entrepreneurshop Centre offers short masterclasses and workshops on many subjects. These may, for example, focus on entrepreneurship skills, business knowledge, legal knowledge or vision development.

4. Minor Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Velp) / Future-oriented entrepreneurship (Leeuwarden)

The minor, which is offered English and in Dutch, offers you, as an ambitious student, the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship or discover what entrepreneurship entails.

Within the minor, you will work on your own idea / dream. Do you have the ambition to pursue commercial entrepreneurship, to become a social entrepreneur or to use your entrepreneurial skills within an organisation? You will know more about yourself once you have completed this minor.

With this minor, you also give yourself a position to be successful in the world of tomorrow. In tomorrow’s world, success will depend on the way in which you contribute to a sustainable economy and society.