Optimisation of herb-rich grassland

Optimisation of herb-rich grassland is a research project of the professorship Meadow birds.

What is happening? / The issue

Herb-rich grassland is an important measure in meadow bird management. Herb-rich grassland with an open vegetation structure and a greater variety of plants and insects is an important growing medium for meadow fowl chicks. The quality of the herb-rich grassland determines the added value for both the meadow birds and the farmers. In practice, there is great variation in the quality of herb-rich grasslands and the degree of herbal richness is sometimes disappointing.

What will the project do about it? / The project

The aim of the project is to gain insight into the factors that explain the variation in herb-rich grassland. This is obtained by measuring soil quality (chemical, biological, physical), vegetation structure, crop yield and quality and insects. Demo fields are laid out to experiment with quality by adjusting management.

What will the project deliver? / Deliverables

The project provides new insights into the variation in grassland manifestations in practice. These tools can be used in practice to improve the quality of grassland for farmers and meadow birds.

Name of professor/researcher: Astrid Manhoudt/ Anne Jansma
Project duration: 2025
Project partners: Louis Bolk Institute, Agricultural collectives