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Inclusive, climate-smart business models for Ethiopian and Kenyan dairy chains

Inclusive, climate-smart business models for Ethiopian and Kenyan dairy chains is a research project of the professorship Climate Smart Dairy Chain.

The issue

The CCAFS project ‘Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions’ (NAMA) is supporting stakeholders to set up and test activities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy production in Kenya. Despite the many initiatives, good practices are still not being sufficiently scaled up to further develop the Kenyan dairy sector.

The project

The aim of this research project is to describe the business models of chain actors and supporting parties in order to identify opportunities for the scaling-up of good climate-smart practices. Six case studies relating to the dairy chain have been selected, three in Kenya and three in Ethiopia, each with a different level of market orientation. Three PhD students are acting as principal investigators, for two of the selected chains each.


Business models will be described for each of the six chains and adapted for three to four actors (suppliers, dairy farms, dairy associations or cooperatives, and dairy processors), as well as for one influential support party in the chain. The adapted models will clearly indicate which feasible adjustments the actors need to make, and which adjustments are needed that are outside the actors’ control. Both the perspective of the actors themselves and the expectations of other stakeholders will be explored. There are about 25-30 business models in total, plus six comparable situations spread across the two countries for each actor. An overall analysis of the results of the six case studies will result in indicators that can be used for scaling-up.

Professor: Robert Baars, Climate-Smart Dairy Value Chains
Project duration: 2018 – 2021
Project partners: Michigan State University (US), United States International University – Africa (Kenya), Jimma University (Ethiopia), AgriProFocus (NL), UNIQUE forestry and land use (Germany), Van Hall Larenstein (NL)