Better Wetter

Better Wetter is a research project of the professorship Sustainable Water Systems.

RAAK Public research project

In the project, knowledge is developed regarding a climate-adaptive water system in peatlands and new forms of water management, functions and function combinations as well as the link to making the water system more futureproof (flexible water level, storage in a nature reserve, wet cultivation, nature-friendly banks et cetera). This is a collective effort with other actors from the regional society where the following is done a) the water system is investigated and  b) experiments are conducted with innovative water management in the area. The research question: to what extent do new forms of sustainable and clever water management contribute to the sustainability of the water system in Northeastern Friesland?

The project provides water managers, planners, nature managers and other involved professionals with a digital handbook consisting of an analysis of the water system in the area, a climate stress test, a guide model for retaining and maintaining the cleanliness of water, innovate potential solutions, a 3D animation, a participative guide with design guidelines, a description of experiences and several future scenarios for the area. All this is linked to a field workplace and a knowledge management system.

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Start – 1 April 2016
End – 1 April 2018