CANAPE is a research project of the professorship Sustainable Water Systems.

Research project

Canape is a project that aims to increase the sustainability of peatlands. Peat is gradually disappearing due to climate change, dewatering, agriculture, et cetera, with massive quantities of CO2 being released. We require knowledge of the peat system and landscape in order to halt or decelerate this process. In addition, we require expertise in terms of how the landscape can be utilised, and this includes socioeconomic development. The project therefore has a number of important pillars: peat water quality, agriculture and nature. These three elements have to be combined in a climate-proof way in order to reduce CO2 emissions, improve nature quality and make the socioeconomic utilisation of the landscape more sustainable. In addition, an extensive eco-hydrological analysis will be made of the Friesian lakes and the water quality. To this end, innovative research will be used where transmitters, underwater drones and computer models will be used. Furthermore, process-based innovative concepts such as citizens science will be applied.

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Start – 29 August 2017
End – 31 December 2021

Core team

  • Peter van der Maas
  • Derk Jan Stobbelaar      
  • Jasper van Belle (project leader)
  • Jeroen Huisman                                                         
  • Joop van Eerbeek                                                      
  • Miranda Berghuis                         
  • Eline Huizinga                                                             
  • Inge Lotterman - de Vries


  • The Broads Authority (UK) (lead partner),
  • Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s (NL),
  • Landkreis Diepholz (Dld),
  • Grenspark De Zoom-Kalmthoutse Heide (B),
  • Danish Nature Agency,
  • Himmerland (DK).