Degree: Bachelor
Location: Velp (Arnhem)
Duration: 4 years
Language: English
Tuition fee: EU € 2,314 a year or € 1,157 / non- EU 8,900

International Development Management (BSc)

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Are you contributing to change?

Are you ready to make a true impact? Are you committed to real climate change, equality and fair trade? In this study programme, you turn your commitment into action.

You will develop into a specialist in sustainable transitions. You understand what interests various stakeholders defend, ensure international cooperation and make sustainability your guiding principle.

Finding the balance between people, planet and prosperity is critical in this study programme. We believe that through fair trade, equal rights and equal opportunities, a healthy balance between people, planet and prosperity can be achieved. Not from behind a desk, but in hands-on practice and through direct contact. Determine your own educational content by choosing elements from 5 themes. Would you like to specialise in climate change and food security or disaster and conflict reduction? Or would you like to work engage in social inclusion and contribute to resilient communities? Either way, you will learn to bring people from different cultural and social environs together, defend interests and facilitate innovation.

‘Only together we can make a change’

With your knowledge, you can work worldwide: from nature reserves in Uganda and coffee plantations in Peru to the climate lobby in Brussels. You can work for a range of parties, both commercial and non-commercial. For example, you might become an emergency relief coordinator at the Red Cross, set up your own sustainable business, work as an advisor on climate change and sustainable production, advocate for human rights or become a food security specialist at the FAO.

This programme is an exciting hub where students with myriad ideas and backgrounds work together towards one common goal: a just society and a healthy earth. We are waiting for you!

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