Degree: Bachelor
Location: Velp (Arnhem)
Duration: 4 years
Language: English
Tuition fee: EU € 2,530 a year / non- EU 9,345

International Development Management (BSc)

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Are you ready to make a real impact? Do you champion equality, fair trade and climate activism? With International Development Management, you will become an expert in transitions towards a more sustainable, just society. Here, you will meet students with countless ideas and backgrounds. And that makes the study programme an exciting breeding ground.

Why this international development programme?

  • Practice-oriented. Your knowledge is always up-to-date and directly applicable. You will follow guest lectures and do assignments for organisations such as Rainforest Alliance and municipalities. And many lecturers come from the professional field.
  • Freedom of choice. There is a lot to choose from. You can become a generalist or a specialist. And you can delve into five themes: food security, climate action and fair trade, social equality and disaster and conflict mitigation.
  • Two internships. You will do internships at home or abroad with very different organisations and companies, such as the Red Cross and Fairtrade International.
  • Impact. You can make a difference with your knowledge and skills and contribute to a better world for everyone.
  • Great job opportunities. After your education, you will understand global challenges and their causes. You are inquisitive, solution-oriented and flexible. This allows you to adapt well to the dynamic professional environment and work together in multicultural teams.

What you will learn

From emergency relief to community development

In the International Development Management programme, you will discover how to successfully work towards a fair and sustainable society. You will work on five themes: environmental justice, disaster relief and conflict prevention, social inclusion and diversity, healthy food and resilient communities, as well as equitable and sustainable value chains. Focusing on these, you compose part of your study programme yourself. And as a result, you will eventually become a generalist or specialist.

You will put your knowledge into practice during two internships, during courses looking at issues in organisations and during your thesis. An actual case study - could be flooding, famine or forest fire - turns theory into practice. From emergency relief to community development. You will learn:

  • what local people experience, and which parties and interests play a role;
  • how you create change, and with what strategies;
  • how to bring parties such as the government, companies and local people together to work towards that change;
  • how to work together in an international, multicultural team.

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After graduation

get things moving in international development

The knowledge and skills you gain in your studies will open doors for you worldwide. From nature reserves in Uganda and coffee plantations in Peru to climate lobbying in Brussels. You can find work at both commercial and non-commercial parties. Perhaps you will become a development aid coordinator at Cordaid, set up your own sustainable business, work as a climate change advisor, defend human rights or work as a food security specialist at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Prefer to continue studying? Several Masters link well with your study programme.

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Admission and registration

Have you decided to study International Development Management? Then you must be curious about the admission requirements, how to apply and the tuition fees. We have listed them here for you:

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