Study programme

Study programme: International Development Management

In International Development Management, you will learn how to successfully work for a more just planet. The programme offers in-depth knowledge of global issues that affect people's lives and the planet. In the first period of year 1, you initially focus on the field of international cooperation in general. Then you will delve deeper into specific themes together with lecturers with extensive experience in the field.

These 5 themes play a major role:

You will gain a lot of experience and knowledge about these themes. Furthermore, you will not only develop research and team skills, but also find out how organisations function in general. You will also learn to set up projects and find innovative solutions. You round off the first year with a trip to an Eastern European country with your fellow students. Here, you will put your acquired knowledge into practice

Your professional orientation

In your second year, you do an internship where you expand your knowledge and learn how to apply your skills in practice. You do not choose a specialisation in this programme, but rather compile part of your own study programme based on the 5 themes. A number of electives will be addressed and, in generic courses, you can often choose an assignment focusing on 1 of the themes. In your third year, you will complete a second internship where you can put your skills and knowledge into practice, followed by a minor in which you further broaden and deepen your knowledge. You round out the programme by doing a graduation project for a company or organisation. 

Example programme structure


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4


Introduction and History International Collaboration

Climate Change, Nature and Sustainable Production & Consumption

Inequality and Inclusiveness

Food and Water Security


Internship (abroad)

Lobby, Advocacy & Applied Research

Thematic Deepening | for example Disasters & Conflicts

Assignment from the professional field


Transdisciplinary course about Multi-stakeholder processes

Internship abroad


Minor at another University / University of Applied Sciences