Career opportunities

Your career in International Development Management

After graduation, you can work close to home or anywhere else in the world. You will often work with people from many different cultural backgrounds and in diverse teams. Many of our students find their first job through their internship or with other organisations they come in contact with during their studies. You can start work at an government agency or NGO, company, or set up your own organisation. We will help you build your own network of organisations where you can get work in the future!

Here are a few examples of jobs our graduates work in:

Environmental Justice

  • Climate adaptation quartermaster at a Dutch municipality
  • Campaigner for youth activism at Oxfam Novib
  • Lobbyist for green change

Disaster & Conflict Reduction

  • Programme manager for Because we Carry on the Greek island of Lesbos
  • Emergency Relief Coordinator at the Dutch Red Cross
  • Project Manager at MedAir in Afghanistan
  • Junior Expert Humanitarian Aid at Welthungerhilfe in Germany

Social Inclusion & Diversity

  • Advisor Inclusive Development
  • Programme Supervisor at the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers
  • Junior Expert Mental Health and Psychosocial Support at Cordaid
  • Project Manager Gender Equality

Healthy Diets and Resilient Communities

  • Food System Resilience advisor at FAO in the Horn of Africa
  • Freelance consultant focused on food security
  • Project manager Rural Development

Just and Sustainable Value Chains

  • Developer of a support programme for cocoa farmers for Tony Chocolonely
  • Sales and Business Development at a plastic recycling company
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Production advisor
  • Fair Trade initiator
  • Programme Director at the Impact Facility in Kenya