Career opportunities

After graduating, you will have gained a wealth of experience, practical skills and knowledge. This will allow you to work anywhere in the world. Whether you wind up being a generalist or a specialist, you will fit in well in highly diverse teams made up of people from different cultural backgrounds. Both in commercial and non-commercial organisations.

What can you become?

Employers domestically and internationally are eager for your expertise. This could include: governments, social organisations and social enterprises. And with the solid foundation and network you have built during your studies, you are also perfectly capable of setting up your own sustainable business. Be inspired by four sample jobs of graduates:

Project or programme manager

In this job, you work on a programme or project focusing on, for instance, emergency relief, gender equality or community development. You will do this for organisations such as the international Red Cross, MedAir in Afghanistan, the Impact Facility in Kenya or the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) in the Netherlands.

Consultant or junior expert

As a consultant or junior expert, you can work for municipalities, companies or organisations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Cordaid. You will deal with issues such as climate change, sustainable production, inclusive development or food systems. You base your advice on input from all those involved in a change or problem.

Business owner

Have you started your own social enterprise after graduation? Then you might do research on food security as a consultant, for example. But you could also start working as a facilitator of change processes. Or, as an innovator, you support farmers to manage their land and tend crops.


If you have 'lobbyist' on your business card, you advocate changes at higher levels. For instance, you lobby Dutch governments and companies for green change. Or you take action at the United Nations or the European Commission.

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Continuing your studies?

Do you have your Bachelor's degree? Then of course you can start working immediately. Or you can choose to move on to a Master's degree such as:

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