Practical information

When it comes to studying abroad, there's a lot to think about. From tuition fees and funding to the application process and settling into life in the Netherlands, it's all part of the adventure. Here's a handy overview of key things to explore. Keep in mind that rules may vary for European students (EEA students) and non-European students, so make sure to check which information applies to you.

Application process

It's helpful to know what to expect and what you'll need for your VHL application. The good news? It's pretty straightforward and we're happy to assist you in the process. We’ve outlined all the steps for you here.


Curious about the application deadline, payment deadline and the first day of lectures? You can find all important dates here.


Studying comes with costs like tuition fees, groceries, and social activities. Wondering how much you need and how to finance it all? Click here to learn about the costs and financing options like loans, scholarships and student jobs.

Study in the Netherlands

Would you like to know more about studying in the Netherlands? Click here to learn about the Dutch teaching style and the type of degree you'll earn. We also give you six reasons to study in the Netherlands and explain difference between research universities and universities of applied sciences.


When you study abroad, sorting out your accommodation is key. We’ve mapped out several routes to guide you in finding a place to stay. Click here for all the tips, tricks and useful links.

Study in Velp (Arnhem)

Discover campus Velp including its student associations and the student city of Arnhem which is just a short bike ride away.

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