Tuition fees

European (EEA) students

Academic year Bachelor Certificate Master Innovative Dairy Chain Management Master River Delta Development Other Master programmes
2022 - 2023 € 2,209 or € 1,105 * € 9,270 € 2,209 € 2,209 € 13,750


* The Dutch government is halving tuition fees for first-year Bachelor students in higher education. Those who meet all the conditions will pay only € 1,105 in the first year. Please visit the government's website for more details. 

Non-European students

Tuition fees Bachelor and Certificate

Academic year 2022-2023
Tuition fee € 9,270
Visa + permit 1) € 207
Insurance € 500
Administration fee € 350
Deposit: IND norm 2) € 11,400
Total payment € 21,727
Refund: IND norm, transferred to your bank account 3) € 11,400
Paid fee € 10,327


1) Visa extension € 207 a year (tariff 2022). Please note that a visa will be issued for the nominal study period. Students who do not round off their studies within the nominal study period need to ask for an extension.
2) IND norm is established by the Dutch government every 6 months and is subject to increment. Please note that the IND requires you to have sufficient financial resources every subsequent academic year, equal to the set IND norm for that year. More information can be found on the website of the IND  
3) In order to receive a residence permit, you have to show you have sufficient money to live and study in the Netherlands (IND norm). You will receive a refund of this deposit after arrival and opening of a Dutch bank account.

Tuition fees Master Programmes

2022 - 2023

Master River Delta Development

Other Master Programmes

Tuition fee

€ 10,916*

€ 13,750

Visa + permit 1)

€ 207

€ 207


€ 500

€ 500

Administration fee

€ 350

€ 350

Deposit: IND norm 2)

€ 11,400

€ 11,400

Total payment

€ 23,373*

€ 26,207

Refund: IND norm, transferred to your bank account 3)

€ 11,400

€ 11,400

Paid fee

€ 11,973*

€ 14,807

*The tuition fee for the Master River Delta Development for 2022-2023 has not been finalised yet. The amount displayed is the 2021-2022 fee.

Students from Surinam pay the same tuition fee as Dutch students.

VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) University of Apllied Science bank account details
st. Hogeschool VHL
The Netherlands
Account no. (IBAN): NL31 ABNA 055 93 37 019
BIC/SWIFT code of bank: ABNANL2A

Please always state your name and the reference number of your admission letter with your payment.

We prefer student pay by direct debit, you will be able to indicate in Studielink (Dutch website) how you are going to pay. For students with a SEPA bankaccount, it is also possible to pay in five terms.

Payment of your tuition fees must have taken place before the start of your programme. The tuition fee will cover all educational costs apart from books, readers and excursions. The tuition fee can be subject to a yearly increment. VHL University of applied sciences cannot be held responsible for any changes in prices.