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If you want to study abroad there are many things to take into account. For instance your tuition fee and funding, application and registration, your degree and living in the Netherlands. Here is a list of a few things to consider. Often there are different rules for European students (EEA students) and non-European students, so please note which information applies to you. 

Tuition fee and funding 

In the Netherlands everybody has to pay a tuition fee. The height of this fee depends on whether you are a European (EEA) student or a non-European student. There are different possibilities to fund you studies, for example by applying for a scholarship or grant. 
Read more about Tuition fee and funding.

Application and registration

Before applying for a course at Van Hall Larenstein you need to register through Studielink (Dutch registration system). Equine, Sports and Business is a track of the Bachelor Animal Husbandry in Velp. If you wish to apply for this track, you should apply for Animal Husbandry in Velp through Studielink. Read more about the procedures for European (EEA) students or non-European students.


When you successfully graduate from Equine, Sports and Business you will have obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. Read more about the different degrees of VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL)'s diploma's

Studying and living in The Netherlands

Soon you’ll move to Velp! 
Read more about housing, student life and student advisors in Velp
We’ve also gathered practical information on studying in the Netherlands in general (visa, residence permit, insurance, educational system, et cetera). 

Housing for your horse

Of course you want to take your horse with you for your study of Equine Sports & Business. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right place for your horse, especially if you come from far away. We assist our students in finding the right place by proving a list of stables in the neighbourhood and linking you to one of our current students that is willing to help you with finding the right stable. If you want help in your search for a stable just send us a message.

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