Career opportunities

The combination of 'horse' and 'business' has given you a wide range of knowledge and skills. This not only makes you in demand in the equestrian world, but also in other sectors. On the Dutch market and foreign markets. For instance, you could work in nutrition, genetics, welfare, research, marketing or event management. With employers such as feed producers, sector organisations and stables. As well as insurers, transport and event agencies.

What can you become?

The professions you can end up in are also hugely diverse. Think of jobs such as: nutrition consultant, breeding expert, marketeer, event organiser, project manager, self-employed entrepreneur or lecturer. We zoom in on four jobs:

Sales consultant horse feed

If you are a sales consultant at a horse feed company, you will have a lot of contact with customers. Such as stables of sport riders, riding stables and feed shops. You visit them on location or meet them online. You look for the best feed for each customer’s horses or business. In doing so, you pay attention to nutritional values, health, shelf life and economics.

Employee of the equestrian sports association KNHS

At the Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation - Koninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportfederatie (KNHS), you can specialise in a discipline, such as ‘Recreational Sports’. In this role, you are a genius at planning and organising. And you constantly keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, innovations and tools. This could be: an app for riding routes, or cool events. This is how you make it even more attractive for recreational equestrians to pursue their hobby.

Online marketeer

How do you reach the right people with your online marketing? How do you make sure a company's products and services are as well known as possible? How do you make social media, e-mail marketing and Google work for you to the max? As an online marketeer, you get stuck into this. For a equestrian company, or for a completely different employer.

Events employee

As an event employee, you will help to organise an event superbly. You arrange the location, the decoration, the catering, the programme and the participants. Or you might put your efforts into a big equestrian event. The challenge: how do you accommodate so many horses on one site?

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Continuing your studies?

Do you have your Bachelor's degree? Then of course you can start working immediately. Or you can choose to move on to a Master's degree. There are plenty of options in the direction 'animal' or 'business administration'. Such as:

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