Study programme

During your studies, you spend half of your time on everything to do with the horse itself. You learn about the nutrition, genetics, health and well-being of horses. The other half of your study time is devoted to the business side of the equestrian world. Courses such as marketing, finance, event management and business are part of this. Over the course of your studies, you can specialise fully in the track of your choice: you choose your own internships and a graduation placement that suit your interest.

Example programme structure

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Sector orientation

Animal nutrition and breeding


Animal health

Animals in society

Animals in business

Land & forage management

Practical project

2 Internship

Research & health

Nutrition and breeding


 Online marketing and sales


Horse-rider performance

3 Further deepening in: Horse / Business / Industry / Trade Internship
4 Minor Graduation project


Plenty of cooperation

During your studies, you will build up a network within the equestrian industry and meet professionals who, like you, have a passion for the profession. There are many equestrian events you can visit, you can of course volunteer at equestrian centres or join a breeding association. Because these contacts can help you find the job of your dreams, you will have enough opportunities to develop your own network during your studies. VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) will be working closely with your future professional field. An example of this is the internship and graduation project: many students already find the job of their dreams here. All they have to do is graduate. Or what about collaborations with companies in which assignments from the business community are analysed in the lessons. You will therefore learn what really matters in business during your studies - and both you and your future employer are sure to profit from this!

We are the only Dutch university of applied sciences to be a member of the Holland Horse Foundation and the International Network Equine Science. In recent years (since 2010), our students have worked with 360 different companies in 35 countries thanks to their internships and graduation projects.