ECT credits and grading

European Credits (EC) carry the same weight throughout Europe in what is called the European Credit Transfer System. This is why some lecturers talk about ECTS when they mean credits or study points.

The number of ECTS credits granted to course units is based on the workload required to complete those units. 60 credits represent the workload of one year of study. One semester of studies normally comprises 30 ECTS credits and a term/trimester 20.

At all levels of the Dutch education system, grades are normally given from 1 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding). Grading scales are generally absolute, as opposed to sliding scales in which students are measured against each other in terms of achievement. In the Netherlands a student needs at least 5,5 (out of 10) to have a (bare) pass:

Dutch grade Definition
10 Outstanding
9 Very good
8 Good
7 More than satisfactory
6 Satisfactory
5.5 Satisfactory
<5.5 Fail