Dutch programmes

In addition to our English-taught study programmes, we also offer several Bachelor and Associate Degree programmes that are taught in Dutch. For these Dutch programmes, a minimum level of Dutch corresponding to the NT2 exam is required.

Bachelor programmes in Dutch

Our Bachelor programmes, offered in Dutch (all links refer to our Dutch website):

Associate Degree in Dutch

An Associate Degree (AD) is a two-year higher vocational programme with an accredited diploma. This new degree is tailored to the need of businesses for highly educated personnel in specific positions. Especially intermediate vocational (mbo-4) students and people with work experience increase their job prospects with an Associate degree.

After completing the two-year programme, students can continue their studies to get a Bachelor degree. Usually it is possible to shorten the bachelor programme by one year if the student completed a related vocational study programme. 

VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) offers the following Associate degrees (AD) in Dutch: 

For our Dutch-taught Bachelor programmes, a minimum level of Dutch corresponding to the NT2 exam is required. Please contact info@vhluas.com for more information about these programmes, admission requirements, application procedure and tuition fees. You can also check our Dutch website for more information about these programmes.