Studying in Leeuwarden   

Will you choose to study in Leeuwarden? Then you've picked a city with three universities and an excellent study climate. You will have everything you need in the newly renovated building of VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL): a large library, laboratories, technology halls, greenhouses on the roof and a Grand Café, where you can talk with your fellow students in an informal atmosphere.

VHL is a nine-minute walk from Leeuwarden Central Station, from where you can immediately access the vibrant city centre of Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden is a student city with loads of international students, with canals flowing through the city and also close located to the Dutch islands. You can let your hair down in one of the many nightclubs after a busy week studying, sample culture in the museums, visit a theatre performance:  it is all possible in the capital of Friesland!

Study and student associations

Do you wish to finish your daily studies in a pleasant way? This is possible. Leeuwarden has a very rich student life. VHL has its own very active student association going by the name of Osiris. In addition, the city of Leeuwarden has a number of general student associations, including Wolwêze and IO Vivat.

Furthermore, there are a number of study associations. They organise all sorts of activities on behalf of the study courses.

Some Dutch websites of student associations:

  • Animoso, the study association for the Animal Management Programme
  • Medusa, the study association for the Coastal and Marine Management programme
  • Mercator, the study association for the Management of the Living Environment programme
  • Hallieu, the study association for the Environmental Sciences programme
  • Reholitas, the study association for the Food Technology programme
  • Vereniging Dispuut Sanctus Cresco, the study association for the Agribusiness and Business Administration programme
  • Ingspé, the study association for the Horticulture and Arable Farming programme
  • Sv Lucentis, the study association for the Life Sciences and Technology programme 

The student association and the study associations are guaranteed to provide many good times, fun and depth to your studies.

Leeuwarden Student City

With two universities of applied sciences and a number of university branches, Leeuwarden is a real student city. A total of 28,000 students call Leeuwarden their home, for more than a third of them rent a room or an appartment in this city. For years, Leeuwarden has been in the top 3 of the best student cities in the Netherlands in terms of accommodation, entertainment and sports facilities. Not long ago, Leeuwarden was even chosen as the best study city of the Netherlands.

There is a special collaboration with the other universities and the city council of Leeuwarden that takes care of a large number of student matters that are important to you. From accommodation to a cheap sports pass, and from events to useful tips. You can find it all on