Student counsellors

Many things will change when you become a student: you'll move to a student house, make new friends and study independently; in short, you will have to personally arrange your life to an ever greater extent. This will generally work out fine, but sometimes you could use a little help.

For example, when you experience difficulties during your studies (procrastination, study stress), personal problems or when you have questions about studying with a disability (physical impairment or chronic illness). In this case, our deans are happy to help you. They will listen to you and help you on your way if necessary.

Student counsellors

In some cases, you can follow a training programme via the student counsellor, for example to learn to study more effectively. Moreover, our student counsellors have a large network and can also refer you to other agencies and care providers.

What can our counsellors do for you:

  • Assistance in finding solutions to personal problems (illness, relationships, fear of failure, accommodation and so on) and/or study problems (connection between study programmes, delay, motivation and so on) that are the result of this.
  • Assistance in the development of effective study skills.
  • Arrangements for facilities you require due to a disability (e.g. dyslexia).
  • Referral to other agencies, for example for mental healthcare.
  • Financial support (via DUO or the graduation fund) in the event of study delay due to illness or special circumstances, or
  • you can just have a chat when you are feeling down.

Contact details of our student counsellors

Anne Clasquin
+31 (0) 26 369 58 53
[email protected]

Jolanda Qualm
+31 (0)26 369 55 71
[email protected]

Marinke van der Velde
+31 (0) 26 369 56 13
[email protected]

You can make an appointment via the service point. Please e-mail [email protected] or drop in.

Studying with a disability Download(pdf - 524kB)