Campus Velp

Studying on a fantastic estate

The Velp campus is located on the Larenstein estate making it truly unique. In a garden filled with native flora and fauna, a number of mini biotopes have been created based on various soil types. Half of all 1,700 plant species native to the Netherlands can be found here. It’s a great place to learn about plants!

This garden is also used for implementing vegetation studies, calculating water drainage in streams and conducting land surveys and soil research. It is basically a gigantic laboratory! It’s like performing fieldwork just around the corner. As soon as the sun comes out, the garden is an ideal place to relax in between lectures with your fellow students.

The indoor facilities at the Velp campus also offer you everything you need: a large multimedia library, several laboratories, a sensory lab for research and our own café where you can take a moment to relax.

Multimedia library

The library of Van Hall Larenstein is an inspiring and inviting learning environment where you will find up-to-date and education-related information, in any form (digital and physical). The library is used intensively as a meeting place, study area, lounge area and consultation area. The staff is happy to help you find, process and share information.

Food Forest

In 2020, work was started to create a new one-hectare food forest on the Larenstein estate. It is a great initiative for the creation of a sustainable food system.

Students also have a role to play in this food forest, such as designing it, sowing a variety of edible flowers, measuring the site, etc. Students from the Land and Water Management study programme will work on determining humus profiles. We are also working indirectly on the management and analysis of the food forest. Tasks include drawing up various business models for the food forest, a communication plan or a management plan or conducting a study into the social aspects of the forest. Van Hall Larenstein is collaborating with Helicon MBO on this opportunity for teaching and research. It’s another way for us to contribute to a greener world. And it makes Van Hall Larenstein Velp an increasingly unique place to study.