Scholarships, loans and grants

Funding your studies can be tough, but there are options to support you financially. What's available to you depends on your nationality. 

European (EEA) students

In the Netherlands, Dutch students can receive financial support called 'studiefinanciering'. It’s a type of student finance where you receive a monthly payment of over €300. If you graduate within 10 years, you don't have to pay it back.

European students can also qualify for this student finance, but you need to meet certain requirements, like working at least 32 hours a month. Having a part-time job while studying is possible, but we don’t recommend relying on this financially for your first year. Moving to a new country and starting a new study programme can be a lot, and adding work on top of that might be too much to handle. But once you've settled in, this can be an option to explore. For more information, check the government website DUO.

The Dutch government also offers European students a tuition fee loan. Click here for more details.  

Non-European students

Non-European students are not eligible for a student loan or tuition fee loan by the Dutch government. And scholarship options are limited. One option to explore is the NL Scholarship, click on the button below for all the details. Or check Study in NL to see what’s available for international students who want to study in The Netherlands.

The NL Scholarship for non-EU Bachelor students Find out if you qualify

All VHL students

VHL proudly participates in the Erasmus+ network which has been active for over three decades. Erasmus+ offers you a unique opportunity to study a semester abroad and enhance your international skills. Which is something employers really value. It streamlines the exchange process and offers scholarships to help cover your expenses when you’re on exchange.