Living expenses

When you become a student, you'll have to deal with various living expenses like rent, insurance, transportation and groceries. For many of you, it will be your first time managing these costs. Wondering what to expect? Here's a rough breakdown.


Your student room rent might seem like a big chunk of your budget, but the good news is that VHL resides in affordable cities. On average, expect to pay €350-€650 for accommodation, mostly unfurnished but utilities included.

Food and drink

Fancy yourself a chef? Cooking with your housemates and friends is not only pocket-friendly but also a fun. Visit the budget-friendly supermarkets for ingredients or treat yourself to a wallet-friendly meal at a student restaurant.

Here are some average prices:
- a cup of coffee/tea in a café: € 3,00
- a cheese sandwich: € 5,00
- dinner in a typical student restaurant: € 12,50


Just a heads up, it's mandatory to have valid health insurance while you're in the Netherlands. If you a non-EU student, we'll sort out your medical and liability insurance for you. The policy will be in your name, so you’re responsible for it. It'll cost you around €525 per year. For EU students, your home health insurance might cover you here too. So, double-check with them what your coverage will be and ask for a European Health Insurance Card. You can also arrange student health insurance yourself, for example with AON. Please note that if you work in the Netherlands, you're required to take out Dutch healthcare insurance.  


When you're a student in the Netherlands, your bicycle is your best friend. It's the cheapest and easiest way to get around. All you need is to do is get yourself a bike (second-hand from €40) and a sturdy lock and you’re good to go for years to come. Not feeling the bike vibes or need to go a bit further? Public transport is well organised and discount subscriptions are available.

Estimated living costs

All the above could lead the following monthly costs:


€350 - €650

Food and drink

€200 – €300




€610 – €1010

Please note these are just estimates and tuition fees and curriculum materials are not included.