Overall costs

Curriculum materials

For most modules students are required to purchase relevant textbooks. Where possible, the costs of these have been indicated in the module descriptions. For modules which include excursions, students are charged costs for transport. Students need approximately € 500 for curriculum materials per year.


All residents of the Netherlands are obliged to take out health insurance. The costs are approximately € 40 per month for ICS complete (student insurance). 

Please read more about Insurance and healthcare.

Rent and cost of living

Rent for a room can vary from € 350-500 per month, including gas, water and electricity. A deposit for accommodation is usually required. The deposit will usually equal one month's rent.

Estimated living costs (for a 12-month period)

Overview of estimated costs for studying in the Netherlands, which may vary depending on your lifestyle:

What Euro
room rent € 4,800
food / living expenses € 3,600
insurance € 550
curriculum materials € 500
total amount p/year  € 9,450

Please note: living costs while studying at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) University of Applied Science are just estimates. If part of the studies is carried out in another country, costs for rent and food may be higher. VHL cannot be held responsible for any changes in prices.

This overview does not include:
Tuition fee
- Costs for the optional introduction week, which is approximately 65 euros.