Top sport and study

Studying at VHL university of applied sciences

Are you a top-class athlete and would you like to study at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL)? You can!

VHL makes every effort to facilitate top-class athletes in the best possible way, so that you can get the most out of your sport and your studies. Do you want to combine your studies with high-performance sport? Then take time to explore your options and find out where your ambitions and talents lie. You can then decide which study programme best matches your skills.

The NOC*NSF film video all about study and top-class sport explains which steps are important to take into account when choosing a suitable study programme. You can also download the roadmap study choice for top-class athletes which you may read at your leisure.

Van Hall Larenstein’s top-class sport policy

VHL’s top-class sport policy supports you as a top-class athlete, provided you have one of the statuses awarded by NOC * NSF: A status, HP status, Bonds status, IT status, NT status, R status and/or Promise status.

If you have one of the aforementioned NOC * NSF statuses, you can apply to use the facilities provided by the top-class sport scheme of VHL. The top-class sport scheme assists you in the organisation of your studies. It does not provide support in terms of the content of your studies.

As a professional athlete you will receive the same diploma as a non-professional athlete. In terms of content, as a professional athlete, you are therefore subject to the same requirements as a non-professional athlete. The facilities in our top-class sport scheme always aim to help you organise high-performance sport and studies in such a way that you will be able to meet the requirements of your study programme.

The scheme and the facilities

If you apply for a top-class sport status, you will enter into a collaboration with VHL. The objective is to jointly look for solutions that facilitate the combination of top-class sport and studies for you. For example, as a top-class athlete you will draw up a schedule for each term, in which you identify the potential problems in the combination of sports and studies during the relevant period. You will present these issues to your study mentor and explore solutions together. In this way, we offer a workable and flexible study programme which also preserves the quality.

The facilities in the top-class sport scheme are set up to offer solutions to the most common problems that you may encounter as a top-class athlete.

The facilities may include:

•    offering replacement assignments in the event of absence during compulsory lectures;
•    providing the option of postponement for items to be handed in; 
•    being allowed to attend seminars within other relevant study programmes; 
•    the possibility of applying for postponed binding study advice.

In addition, you may discuss with the study programme and, if necessary, with the examination committee whether there are options in terms of timetable adjustments, postponing exams and following lectures online.

As a top-class athlete, you can also use the student sports card free of charge (unlimited sports: fitness, swimming, squash and group lessons, among other options).

Our top-class sport ambassadors

Top-class sport students at VHL talk about their study programme and its combination with high-performance sport. 

Pepijn de Cloe
Forestry and Nature Management / Velp

Chiel Smit
Animal Husbandry / Leeuwarden
Marathon skating / cycle racing

Matthijs Drenth
Land and Water Management / Velp

Klaas Groenen
International Business in Food and Flowers / Velp

Daan Streutker
International Business in Food and Flowers / Velp

Demi van Benthem
Business Administration and Agribusiness / Leeuwarden
Marathon skating

Lammert Dijkstra
Environmental Sciences / Leeuwarden

Contact persons for studies and top-class sport

Each VHL site has a top sports coordinator. You may contact them directly for additional information or to make an appointment.

In Velp:
Jolanda Qualm
[email protected]
T  (026) 369 55 71

In Leeuwarden:
Tjitske Keidel - de Boer
[email protected]
T  (058) 284 64 22

If you plan to visit an open day at VHL, please indicate at the information booth that you are interested in the top-class sport scheme. An appointment can then be scheduled for an admissions interview.