Lecturers and mentors will do everything they can to motivate and support students and to prevent any problems. Should it transpire within a number of months that your son or daughter did not select the right study programme after all, students can easily switch to a comparable study programme with only minimal delay in their studies.

In the unlikely event of problems

The majority of students experience a pleasant time as a student during which they learn a great deal. However, there may of course be special circumstances. Does your son or daughter have an illness or disability, are there problems with dyslexia, or are there other special conditions? An expert team of student counsellors will be able to help out. VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) has various facilities for students with a disability.

If there is cause for it, it is advisable for the student to contact the student counsellor at their site (Leeuwarden or Velp) at an early stage. There are generally more solutions available than the student might expect on the face of it. The student counsellor could also refer the student to external agencies.

Studying with a disability Download(pdf - 524kB)