Meet us in your country

Our International Recruitment Officer and representatives are active in a number of countries to visit schools, universities and educational fairs. We look forward to meeting you in your country to inform you about the study programmes, housing, internships and student life at VHL University of Applied Sciences. 


VHL participates in a range of (online) fairs. Visit our stand and ask us your questions about VHL, study programmes and student life.

Coming up:
Thursday 28 April 19:00 - Eunicas event Dublin, Ireland: We're Back!!! Dutch Applied Universities

Keep an eye on this page for new dates as fairs are added regularly.  


VHL has representatives across the world. These representatives abroad are appointed to represent and promote VHL University of Applied Sciences. They can give you more information about VHL and can guide you through the application process and assist where necessary. There is no fee for these services. Please find our representatives listed below.

Bulgaria Integral
Greece Edmundo Educativa 
Croatia Integral
Estonia Baltic Council 
Dream Foundation
Latvia Baltic Council 
Dream Foundation
Lithuania Baltic Council 
Dream Foundation
Indonesia  EduPlan Indonesia
Nigeria Chinyere Akalugwu
Poland Baltic Council 
Romania Integral
Edmundo Educativa
Rwanda Gate4Connections
Vietnam PNP-Consulting