Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

There’s almost no better key to a career in the agri business sector than the IAT programme. Because with that diploma, you are without a doubt a highly sought-after candidate for the best jobs in agribusiness. Jobs at directly sector-related manufacturing companies as well as at more sector-supporting companies. Examples include banks, suppliers, retail stores, and market research firms.

National and international work environments
Moreover, as practice has amply proven, as an IAT graduate you feel fully in your element in both national and international work environments. And are you active in positions such as:

  • International Marketeer
  • International Sales Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Transition Expert
  • Export Consultant
  • Value Chain Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • International Entrepreneur

To substantiate, almost all IAT graduates land jobs within a year of graduation. In fact, many even find jobs while working on their thesis, that is, during the last six months of study. And very often at the company where they are doing their graduate work.

Agribusiness professional
In order to prepare you as best as possible for your career and your future as an agribusiness professional, many aspects of this are already explicitly focused on during your study. This is done in the form of concrete assignments, through simulations and, of course, through the temp work carried out within the framework of your studies.
In this process, the way to the best, but most of all best-fit career opportunities, you will also get all the desired support from your study mentor.

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