Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

The agrisector is urgently waiting for graduates like yourself. Will you get started as a project leader for a logistics department or as a quality assurance specialist? Or would you rather earn your daily bread as a marketer for an innovative company? Your sector-specific knowledge and the experience gained during your internships and studies will ensure that you have a head-start on the labour market and a flying start in the world of agribusiness, which is always full of challenges. 

Students International Agribusiness and Trade with international products

What can you become? 

As you will have gained knowledge of all departments and positions within organisations in the sector, you will have insights into the various processes and tasks of your colleagues. You will therefore know how to handle various tasks, objectives and people within your role. You will facilitate collaboration across the entire company and will therefore be able to work in various roles.

Supply chain planner 

As the person responsible for the distribution of a specific assortment, you will maintain an overview of products and their delivery periods. This way, you will satisfy clients’ demands. Together with sales colleagues, you will discuss what you need and if something is unavailable, you will communicate with the client and propose alternatives. 


As a trader, you will be responsible for quotations, daily offers and proactive client communication. You will process orders, monitor purchasing and sales processes and carry out acquisitions. You will regularly visit your domestic and international clients, and by doing so, you will build new relationships and maintain existing ones. 

Account manager 

It is your task to anchor positive product name awareness. Together with your team, you will develop a long-term plan to increase market share or implement innovations. You will follow market trends and work together with the marketing team to launch products on new markets. 

Business operations specialist 

In this role, you will help business owners, organisations and companies with issues surrounding permits, emission reduction, the efficiency of ingredients or the improvement of processes. If you work for an agency, then you will work in various locations on improving a healthier or more climate-neutral earnings model. You could also take on this role as a self-employed person. 

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Further studies? 

Have you obtained your Bachelor’s degree? Then you may, of course, immediately start your working life. Or you could choose to pursue a Master’s degree at a university of applied sciences or at a university. For instance, in Business Administration: 

  • MSc in Business Administration (e.g. in Rotterdam or at Nyenrode Business Universiteit). There is plenty on offer in this area within and outside the Netherlands, at both a university of applied sciences and a university level. Obtaining an MBA is also possible, but some work experience is usually required for this. 

Other possibilities also exist within and outside the Netherlands, for instance in the field of economics: 

Some students also choose to follow a Master’s degree in the agricultural field (e.g. Agroeconology, Sustainable Agriculture) or in data science.