Degree: Bachelor
Location: Velp (Arnhem)
Duration: 4 years
Language: English (Velp)
Tuition fee: EU € 2,314 a year or € 1,157 / non-EU € 7,900 a year

International Agribusiness and Trade

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International Agribusiness and Trade

These are exciting times. Climate change, CO2-emissions, world food supply challenges, cultural differences; challenges galore when looking at our future. This means that there are plenty of challenges, especially for students of International Agribusiness and Trade (IAT). Students who will come up with future-proof but above all future-defining solutions for us and our world. Solutions with sustainable impact. Real game changers to be sure.

As challenging as the world is and as challenging as the field is, the IAT programme seeks to match it. Wherever you live, if you look around you, food, flowers and timber play a significant role. You will be taught about this international industry by internationally oriented lecturers. These lecturers not only teach in class, but also coach you during projects and accompany you on company visits. During the inspiring hands-on classes, lecturers will introduce you to issues such as marketing, logistics, finance, sales, change management, entrepreneurship, international trade and sustainability in the agribusiness supply chain. All to provide you with the optimal mix of business knowledge, market insight, and research skills that will allow you to enter the job market immediately.

Appealing projects
In the IAT programme, you will work individually or in groups on numerous appealing projects for clients in the professional field. The diversity of clients and assignments is enormous, given that the sector of agribusiness-related companies is also huge. This makes it possible for students to exert a great deal of influence over what their project or research is about, for example, by choosing a specific topic within the agribusiness. Through your internships and assignments you will come into contact with companies both at home and abroad. This is how you start building your own international network in your (future) professional field.

Living up to ambitions
Tailored purely to you personally, that's the IAT programme. With, on the one hand, as much individual guidance as you want or think you need. And at the same time all the space and opportunities to map out your own route. To determine your ambitions purely from your knowledge, skills and personality, and to be able to realise them.

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