Content programme

Study programme

Precisely because the IAT programme is so individually structured, it offers you every opportunity to develop your own ideal combination of knowledge and skills. For instance, in the field of commerce and management, but also where more sector-specific technical knowledge about food, horticulture and flowers is concerned.

Developing Entrepreneurship
In addition, your skills in areas such as sustainability, research, and entrepreneurship are expanded step by step throughout the programme. All this to give you every opportunity to discover and develop your own entrepreneurial qualities, set your business goals and, most importantly, be able to achieve them.

International crowd
Students from all over the world, lecturers from all over the world... An international crowd, an international setting, the IAT programme. With the goal throughout the study: to develop and roll out sustainable, innovative and resilient business models based on ‘best practices’.
Furthermore, starting in the second year of study, the programme offers the opportunity to increasingly specialise in the agribusiness sector. You can therefore choose from sector-specific projects, minor programmes, work placements and thesis topics.

Career opportunities
Speaking of international, thanks to the IAT programme, you will become a member of the now global network of former IAT students. With all the chances of landing an interesting job (temporary or otherwise) abroad.

Example programme structure

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
1 The International Agribusiness and Trade
Sustainability &
Cross Border
Enterprise, Logistics & Finance
Food, Innovation &
2 Internship International Trade &
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship
3 Business Development & Managing a company Internship or Minor
4 Internship or Minor Thesis Process
  International skills, leadership, languages, project management, change