Food and Agri

How can we make agriculture healthy, safe and future-proof in a way that doesn’t over-burden nature, the environment, soils and the climate? And how can we provide the kind of healthy food and diets that prevent diseases of affluence? The focus is on closing mineral and carbon cycles, reducing emissions, and ensuring the sustainable production of healthy and safe food. These are principles that farmers, the private sector and society as a whole should be able to work with. Consumers increasingly wonder where the food they eat actually comes from. What’s the story behind it, has it been produced in an environmentally friendly way, what’s in it and is it really healthy? Agro & Food focuses on the transition to sustainable production, good partnerships in value chains and effective coordination with consumers and society.

Applied research groups

Climate Smart Dairy Value Chains

This applied research group is focused on improving the position of all actors in the production chain. Research carried out through various international living labs is contributing to a better understanding of the position of dairy cattle businesses and of opportunities for applying different business models to create added value.
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Dairy Process Technology

The main areas of focus for this applied research group are the technologies and methods being used to make the dairy industry more sustainable.
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Environmental Impact of Circular Agro-Food Chains

We can’t assume that circular enterprises will lead to reduced footprints. This associate applied research group is focused on analysing the environmental impact of circular agro and food chains as a way of future-proofing them.
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Healthy Food & Nutrition

People are increasingly making conscious lifestyle choices, which includes being conscious of what they eat. Food and nutrition are hot topics. The Healthy Food & Nutrition applied research group is focused on current and compelling questions related to these topics.
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Oil Palm and Tropical Forests

This associate applied research group aims to improve the sustainability of oil palm production and of other tropical commodities such as tropical wood.
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Protein Transition

With more plant-based foods and alternative proteins. The Protein Transition research group investigates how micro-organisms contribute to healthy soil and vital crops with good nutritional value and taste, and ultimately healthy people. 
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New applied research group, further details coming soon.

Regional Transitions towards Circular Agriculture

Agricultural challenges call for systemic changes. This applied research group is focused on achieving circular agriculture at both the farm and regional level.
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Safety in the Food Chain

This applied research group is focused on researching the safety, quality and integrity of the entire food chain, from crop production to processing, distribution and consumption.
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Sustainable Dairy Farming

The applied research group on Sustainable Dairy Farming is focused on the sustainability and social acceptance of dairy farming and the dairy value chain as a whole, both nationally and internationally.
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