Sustainable Dairy Farming

Working to develop a national/international professional, market-oriented, sustainable and socially accepted dairy farming sector.

Milk and dairy products are an essential part of the lives of an increasing number of people. Babies need it for their infant nutrition, and many people regularly drink milk or eat yoghurt at breakfast, or have ice cream as a dessert.

As the global population grows, so too is global demand for milk and dairy products, and it means the international dairy market is becoming increasingly open and competitive. Organic products are also growing their market share, while consumers and producers increasingly insist on sustainability. The origin of products and the stories behind them are becoming an increasingly significant part of the production process. This creates opportunities for dairy companies in the Netherlands to further build on what was already a historically strong position. Internationally competitive and responsible dairy farming relies on advanced agricultural systems that comply with Dutch standards, and it also requires society to be willing to create the space for it. Creating that kind of support calls for consideration of issues around sustainability and organic production, which is something all food industry sectors around the world are already grappling with.

As a green University of Applied Sciences, these issues have broad support within HVHL, not just in terms of teaching but also in terms of research. ‘Applied’ and ‘future-proof’ are both important core concepts within our Applied Research Centre, which is where the applied research group is based. Our applied research is conducted for, with and within fields of practice, and involves both students and lecturers at HVHL. We work locally and internationally on projects that don’t merely benefit the private sector: they also help to create a world that we can pass on to future generations. The applied research group on Dairy works on future-proof innovations and research projects for the next generation of professional dairy farmers and advisors.

About the professor

Professor:                                              Dr.Ir. Wiepk Voskamp-Harkema
Email:                                                [email protected]
Telephone:                                          +31(0)58 284 64 84

Knowledge network

The applied research group is supported by a knowledge network which includes lecturer-researchers. They are directly or indirectly involved in the design and implementation of the research projects and in ensuring that the knowledge generated is integrated into study programmes.

Our projects are co-funded by the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN)