The Netherlands is a small country with an excellent public transport system. Wherever in The Netherlands you want to go, you can get there easily by train, bus, tram or even by renting a bike. You have to arrange transport by yourself but, of course, we are happy to help you along a bit. Check how to get to Velp/ Arnhem, public transport traveling tips, and what types of tickets to use.

Transport to Velp/ Arnhem

Schiphol Airport

Make sure to arrive on time at the airport on the date of departure. Due to strict security measures, customs, luggage and check-in it may take more time than expected.  After landing, collecting your luggage, and going through customs, you will exit through the central hall of Schiphol. Follow the sign to the trains. We advise to take:

  • The intercity train to Arnhem Centraal (one hour; very frequent schedule, ticket +- €20).

You can buy your train ticket at the NS ticket office in the central hall of the airport and ask at what time and from which platform the train will depart. You can also plan your journey beforehand and buy an online ticket on

International train

Are you from Europe? Then the international train is also a good option. You can then travel directly to Arnhem. You can find your trip at


The FlixBus is also a good option for Europeans. The FlixBus is a green and cheap European bus network. It has more than 2500 destinations. The FlixBus is only possible for Arnhem. Check if your country is participating.

Train station

Arnhem Centraal train station is located in the city centre. Depending on the distance to your housing, you can walk, take a bus, taxi or connecting train to your next destination: you can plan your route via public transport on We would recommend that you plan your arrival within office hours on work days in order to be able to collect your room keys from the landlord. If you arrive outside office hours, you may have to book a hotel to spend the night.

Get around in Arnhem by public transportation! e-magazine
International Student shows us the way to Arnhem Check it out!

Transport in the Netherlands


Public transport is well arranged in the Netherlands (bus, train, tram, metro etc.). If you want to use the public transport we recommend to purchase an OV-chipkaart. The OV-chipkaart is the payment method for public transport in the Netherlands. With an OV-chipkaart at hand, you no longer have to think about buying tickets: you simply pay for all your journeys in public transport using this one card. You load credit onto the card in Euro or add a travel product. The OV-chipkaart is a plastic card, the same size as a bank card, that fits in your purse or wallet. You can always recognise an OV-chipkaart by the pink logo. More info? Check

It is also possible to check in and out for people who travel second class, without discounts or subscriptions with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone. This will become increasingly more available throughout the Netherlands.
Simply hold your contactless debit or credit card, or mobile up to the card reader or gate and – beep! – you’ve checked in. When you arrive at your destination, check out the same way. More info? Check


We have 22 million bicycles for 17 million inhabitants, 32,000 kilometers of bicycle lanes, and the largest bicycle parking facilities in the world, The Netherlands is one of the largest cycling countries in the world. So we recommend to buy a bicycle and learn how to ride it. You can buy a bicycle in a bike shop, on student Facebook pages, (Dutch) and rent a bicyle on (English).