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Introduction week Velp

Welcome to the introduction week in Velp! In the week of  26 August - 30 August 2024, VHL organises (mandatory) introduction days and also an introduction week (not mandatory). We're thrilled to offer three distinct routes for you to kickstart your journey with us. If the link to the event is not active yet, then this information will be pusblished here shortly so please keep an eye on this page. Scroll all the way down if you’re looking for the booklists or the Pre-arrival webinars!

Are you unable to attend the mandatory days? Let us know so you don't miss out on important information.

Route 1: Dutch Introduction Week

26 August - 30 August 2024

Immerse yourself fully in Dutch culture and camaraderie with our Dutch Introduction Week. This week is packed with exciting activities and vibrant parties designed to help you bond with your (Dutch) classmates. Within this week, you’ll also join the mandatory International student moments, where you’ll get tips and tricks about being an International student in The Netherlands and meet your fellow international students. During the week, you'll camp out on the estate, so make sure to bring along a tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and a bike. Don't worry if you don't have these items yet; you can purchase them in the Netherlands (second hand) upon your arrival. The estimated cost for these (new) essentials is around 200 euros, in addition to the entrance fee for the introduction week. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you have these items, as participation in the Dutch Introduction Week will not be possible without them. The entrance fee for the Dutch introduction week is 85 euros.

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Route 2: International Introduction Week

26 August - 30 August 2024

If you don’t want to sleep on the estate, or a packed programme full with partying; opt for our International Introduction Week. While you'll still have opportunities to mingle with Dutch students at various points throughout the week, this program offers a tailored experience for our international students. You'll sleep in your own home and dedicated mentors will guide you through the weeks activities. Though the schedule may be slightly less packed than the Dutch Week, you'll still have plenty of chances to make new friends, learn some Dutch and explore the area.

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Route 3: Mandatory Introduction Days

26 August - 27 August 2024

Still getting used to your new surroundings and don’t want to participate in a week full of activities yet? We totally get that. In this case we only ask you to attend the mandatory introduction days, which take place on Monday 26 August and Tuesday 27 August. These days ensure that you get the essential information and orientation needed to start your academic journey smoothly. Ofcourse, you will meet your fellow International Students on these days as well.

Whichever route you choose, rest assured that you'll have a fantastic start to your time in Velp. So, take your pick and get ready for an unforgettable introduction week!

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Pre-arrival Webinars

We host 2 live webinars for upcoming students in which we discussed practical information on what to know and prepare before your arrival in The Netherlands. 

Webinar 1: In this first webinar we discussed the application process, visa and insurance, financial matters, the Goin’ app and housing.

Watch the recording here

Webinar 2:  In this webinar we discussed the introduction week, your travels to The Netherlands, VHL culture and Dutch culture.



In the table below you will find the booklist of your study programme. 

Animal Husbandry Soon to be published
Food Technology Soon to be published
International Agribusiness and Trade Soon to be published
International Development Management Soon to be published

Sometimes you can purchase books secondhand on (the dutch Ebay) or in Facebook groups.

Did you register for a Dutch-taught programme in Velp? Please click here for more information on the booklist and introduction. 

If you have any questions, please contact us! 

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