Value chain concepts

Value chain concepts

Understanding Value Chains
In a value chain, each of the actors is prepared to invest in the chain and to support the other actors, to make sure that it functions smoothly. All actors benefit from having a smooth supply of top-quality products arriving on the consumers table. Agro-food value chains introduce the concepts and tools to analyse agrofood,
which is the starting point of upgrading the interventions. Therefore first, concepts of value chains and chain development will be discussed. Further sessions will provide participants with tools for chain mapping, stakeholder analysis, quantitative and qualitative chain analysis and chain context analysis.

Online course:

VALUE CHAIN CONCEPTS “Understanding Value Chains”, click here to download the flyer.


Date Online Lessons:

September 25th      : Session 1st - Lecture
October 2nd            : Session 2nd  - Lecture
October 10th           : Session 3rd - Lecture
October 17th           : Session 4th - Presentation
October 27th           : Session 5th - Presentation



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