Entrepreneurship and validation

Green entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an important core value for VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL). Not only is this evident in many ways from our education, but it is also a very important future perspective of our students.

Are you a student, entrepreneur or alumni and do you have plans to set up your own business? Or do you have your own business and are you looking for support and advice? Would you like to develop your ideas in a network? Then you have come to the right place at the Green Entrepreneurship Centre of VHL. The Green Entrepreneurship Centre offers various forms of support. Examples include assistance in finding financing, training in the development of your business plan or advice in establishing the right contacts.

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre works with various regional networks in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainability. We bring entrepreneurs, start-ups and students together so that they can inspire each other and work on innovative ideas.

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Source of knowledge

Because VHL has a good connection with (beginning) entrepreneurs and institutions both inside and outside the region, we are able to support them with innovative sustainable solutions to practical issues and it is able to ensure there are enough highly trained professionals. In addition, the professorships contribute to the innovation of the curriculum. This process, which is known as knowledge valorisation, is achieved via the interplay between theory and practice, which leads to innovation and knowledge development.

We do this via joint research, joint development of activities with the field and by sharing practical knowledge, for example. We contribute towards this by offering flexible training programmes that tie in closely with the actual practice. This coordination is generally a matter of fine-tuning. Similarly, talent management – the development of and preservation of talent – and the formulation of the right research questions are of crucial importance.

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