Two professional fields

Within this Bachelor study programme you can choose to specialise in the following professional fields:

  • Food Innovation Management
  • Food Safety and Health

Food Innovation Management

The specialisation in Food Innovation Management looks at food products from the angle of innovation. Our world is full of innovative food products, wrapped in clever packaging and combining unusual ingredients that taste great together. Have you ever wondered who thinks of these products and how they are made? If you are boiling over with ideas for developing better, tastier and healthier products, then it is high time to convert them into reality and specialise in Food Innovation Management.

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Food Safety and Health

Your understanding of developing new healthier products, as well as of which kind of ingredients to use to replace some of the unhealthier elements such as fat and sugar, will benefit the final consumer. By specialising in Food Safety and Health, you will gain the basic knowledge of microbiology and technology that will help you to succeed in the food sector.

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