A minor consists of 30 ECTS. Each minor will contain several modules, worth 7 or 2 credits each. You will need to pass all learning tasks associated with a module to gain the attached credits. Exchange students and Free Movers can find more information below and on Exchange possibilities. Please consult the Mobility Team (erasmus@hvhl.nl) if you do not wish to attend the full minor to check what options are available to you.

Minor programmes 2022-2023

Minors are offered at both campuses in Velp and in Leeuwarden. Each semester is divided into two periods: the fall semester consists of periods 1 and 2; the spring semester of periods 3 and 4. The numbers after each minor indicate in which period it is taught. Please click on a respective minor to receive detailed information on the content, learning goals and prerequisites.

Minors in Leeuwarden

Animal Management
Wildlife Management 1-2
International Wildlife Management 3-4

Forensic Taphonomy 3-4
Food Forensics and Toxicology 3-4

Biotechnology / Biology and Medical Laboratory Research
Bioengineering and –omics 3-4

Coastal and Marine Management
Sustainable Island Management 1-2 
Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture 3-4

Environmental sciences
Environmental Sciences and Watertechnology 3-4

Food Technology
Dairy 3-4

Minors in Velp

Minor offered within INVEST
Integrated Environmental Management towards Sustainable Landscape Development 1-2

Agribusiness and Business Administration
International Business and Trade 1-2
Sustainable Entrepreneurship 3-4

Animal Husbandry
International Applied Animal Science 1-2
Equine Sports and Business 3-4
Innovation and Problemsolving Animal Husbandry 3-4
Innovation tools in Equine Sports and Business  3-4

Food Technology
Food Innovation Management 1-2

Forestry and Nature Management
International Timber Trade 1-2
Tropical Forestry 3-4
Tropical Forestry II 1-2

Garden and Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture 1-2
Dutch Architecture meets Dutch Landscape Architecture 3-4

International Development Management
Multi Stakeholder Processes for Innovative Rural Development 1-2
Disaster Risk Management 1-2
Practical Change for a Sustainable Food Future 1-2