A minor consists of 30 ECTS. Each minor will contain several modules, worth 7 or 2 credits each. You will need to pass all learning tasks associated with a module to gain the attached credits. Exchange students and Free Movers can find more information below and on Exchange possibilities. Please consult the Mobility Team ([email protected]) if you do not wish to attend the full minor to check what options are available to you.

Minor programmes 2022-2023

Minors are offered at both campuses in Velp and in Leeuwarden. Each semester is divided into two periods: the fall semester consists of periods 1 and 2; the spring semester of periods 3 and 4. The numbers after each minor indicate in which period it is taught. Please click on a respective minor to receive detailed information on the content, learning goals and prerequisites.

Minors in Leeuwarden

Animal Management
Wildlife Management 1-2
International Wildlife Management 3-4

Forensic Taphonomy 3-4
Food Forensics and Toxicology 3-4

Biotechnology / Biology and Medical Laboratory Research
Bioengineering and –omics 3-4

Coastal and Marine Management
Sustainable Island Management 1-2 
Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture 3-4

Environmental sciences
Environmental Sciences and Watertechnology 3-4

Food Technology
Dairy Technology 3-4

Minors in Velp

Minor offered within INVEST
Integrated Environmental Management towards Sustainable Landscape Development 1-2

International Agribusiness and Trade
International Business and Trade 1-2
Sustainable Entrepreneurship 3-4

Animal Husbandry
International Applied Animal Science 1-2
Equine Sports and Business 1-2
Innovation and Problemsolving Animal Husbandry 3-4
Innovation tools in Equine Sports and Business  3-4

Food Technology
Food Innovation Management 1-2

Forestry and Nature Management
International Timber Trade 1-2
Tropical Forestry 3-4
Tropical Forestry II 1-2

Garden and Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture 1-2
Dutch Architecture meets Dutch Landscape Architecture 3-4

International Development Management
Multi Stakeholder Processes for Innovative Rural Development 1-2
Disaster Risk Management 1-2
Practical Change for a Sustainable Food Future 1-2

The minor descriptions that can be accessed through the links above have been compiled with the utmost care. Please take into account that information included in the descriptions may be subject to change; VHL explicitly rejects any liability with regard to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided through the links to the minor descriptions.