Career opportunities

Why a master?

In general a master ads to your chances for a job that enriches your life and enables you to grow further. Compared to your (future) Bachelor’s degree, you will develop your skills in dealing with more complex systems and situations. This is partly based on more knowledge and deeper insights, but also, a master will generally provide you with the right skills and tools to work on more complex issues. Together with this, your ability to innovate and renew existing situations, systems or methods will increase. A third important component is your professional development, which profits from the skills above, but also improves through more experience in and coaching on your professional attitude.

Why THIS master? Future perspectives!

River Delta Development is developed in close communication with the working field. Governmental institutions as well as consultancy are clear about their needs: professionals who think and work in constructive, integrated ways, that have the knowledge of transitional processes and are capable of moving people and organizations to make things happen. The world is in transition (climate, energy, circular economy etc.) and needs people that can facilitate this change. In delta areas many issues come together and are enhanced by the high population density and vulnerable location. This demands educated, enthusiastic, passionate young people that want to take a role that suits them to develop resilient, safe and sustainable delta life.

Positions you could think of after you finished the master River Delta Development: process manager, initiator of new projects, facilitator of civil changes, researcher, administrator, consultant. E.g. scanning the online jobsites we now find the following vacancies:

Freshwater Project Officer in Morocco
The Freshwater Project Officer manages the implementation of the project 'Managing water Abstraction and promoting Water Environment in the Sebou basin, Morocco' aiming at reducing the impact of water abstraction and unsustainable water infrastructure on river basins biodiversity and functioning, according to agreed objectives and time scale.
He/she builds and manages partnerships with the project partners, develops work plans, supervises the implementation and produces technical and financial reports to monitor the progress of the project.

Urban Water, Wastewater and Climate Resilience Senior Associate in the United States
The Senior Associate will lead efforts to grow business opportunities with Multilateral Development Banks related to urban water, wastewater management and the associated issues of urban resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. This work will build on water and sanitation projects in several countries in Africa and Asia.
He/she develops and leads marketing and positioning strategies with multilateral development banks for urban water, wastewater and climate for the WRI sector. The Senior Associate will provide technical assistance to project staff and beneficiaries and supervise the quality and timely implementation of the project.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in Bangladesh
Climate change, manifesting in the form of intensified cyclones, storm surges, and sea-level rise, is accelerating saltwater intrusion into the fresh water resources of the coastal belt of Bangladesh. This effects freshwater dependent agricultural livelihoods and the quality of drinking water in the vulnerable coastal communities. This disproportionately affects women and girls. The key objective of the project is to support the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in strengthening the adaptive capacities of coastal communities, especially women, to cope with impacts of climate change-induced salinity on their livelihoods and water security.
The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be responsible for the monitoring and ensuring high quality and timely inputs, and for ensuring that the project maintains its strategic vision and that its activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner.

Urban Water and Climate Adaptation Senior Specialist in the Netherlands
The Senior Specialist Urban Water and Cimate Adaptation shapes water in urban areas in relation to safety, climate resilience, sustainability and quality of life. Projects for which he/she can be deployed are e.g. making the city of Utrecht or Eindhoven airbase climate-proof, elaborating climate stress tests for municipalities or developing a watermanagement masterplan for the Moerdijk Port.
The Senior Specialist focusses on climate adaptation strategies, sustainability, water structure plans, measuring and monitoring, geohydrology and urban water management by modeling situations, performing stress tests or infiltration and storage calculations, and analyzing measurements.