Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Location: Leeuwarden
Duration: 1 year
Language: English
Tuition fee: EU € 2,530 / non-EU € 9,475

Innovations in Dairy and Food Chains (MSc)

Innovations in Dairy and Food Chains (MSc)

Thank you for your interest in the master Innovations in Dairy and Food Chains. There is no admission possible for the academic year 2024-25 because we are working to renew our graduate offering. Soon you can start your graduate studies at VHL for even a better professional understanding of how you can contribute with impact to a sustainable future for our planet.

Transition-oriented education
Our institutional plan includes a major task: to contribute positively to transitions through education, research and collaboration. Transitions are necessary for a sustainable future which requires fundamental changes in our society.

As the most sustainable university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, we play an important role in educating our students so they can enable these transitions. We want to give our graduates the opportunity to become professionals who can contribute with impact towards a sustainable future.

As one of the first universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, we worked intensively with professionals in the working field on social issues in competence-based education. To keep up with current developments, it is time for the next step. To realise a sustainable future, a different way of thinking, acting and organising is needed.

We are therefore developing our education in the direction of transition-oriented education which has the following five interrelated and interdependent characteristics: 1. Meaningful content 2. Learning together 3. Active learning 4. Personal attention 5. Well-organised education.

What does this mean for the master programmes?
In the next 10 months we will focus on redesigning our graduate offering for both VHL locations. We anticipate a broader and more flexible offering which will cover the four transitions in our institutional plan: climate change and adaptation and mitigation; sustainable agriculture and food; sustainable water management; and sustainable living environment.

Will scholarships be available for these new programmes?
Unfortunately the OKP scholarship programme has come to an end in 2024. The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs is developing a new Professional Higher Education programme with information becoming available prior to the summer. For updates on scholarship programmes in the Netherlands go to the website of Study in the Netherlands.

When can I review the new graduate offering?  
Be sure to check back in with us later this year to see what’s new. If you want to be actively informed, you can also leave us your contact information below. We promise that we will have some exciting graduate programmes to choose from!

Would you like to receive updates on the master programmes? Let us know!