Saskia Feldmann

"Give me an international career any day!"

Saskia Feldmann is a student in the field of International Business at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL). "This study is strong in its practical approach in addition to the much-needed theory. After my studies I would like to get a job in the aviation industry. I knew that before I chose the study."

"Then why did I choose for an International Businss Study at VHL? Because I am particularly interested in supply chain management and sustainability, and these two subjects are extremely well developed in the food sector, the market where VHL has a lott of knowledge about. I haven’t regretted my choice for a minute. The quality of the lectures on these subjects is as high as I hoped. And we also get a lot of information on all aspects of doing business."

Practical approach
"But there’s more, because this study is also strong in its practical approach in addition to the much-needed theory. Real-life cases, internships, visiting companies, tours, business professionals who come and give lectures, you name it. And when we get an assignment, it’s a real-life assignment, for a real-life customer with a real-life problem. It’s our job to find a solution."

Questions and answers
"For example the wholesale business in shrimps – we developed a Corporate Social Responsibility policy for them. Or the importer of pickles from India – he wanted to know what the footprint of his supply chain was. What did it cost in energy and raw materials, that is, what did it cost the earth? It’s not easy to find that out, and because the answer has to be as real as the question, you have to keep working until it’s all done. We’re still working on it!

"I think this hands-on mentality is typically Dutch. In Germany, where I come from, we’re more inclined to stick to the theory. I like a bit of elbow grease. And I like the international view. Give me an international career any day! With a bit of luck I’ll find one through one of my internships."

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