European University Alliance INVEST

European Education and Research on Sustainability

In 2021, VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) (VHL) set out on a 10-year collaboration in the area of education and research with four other European universities. Together they stand for “Innovations for regional sustainability”. This collaboration has been named the INVEST European University Alliance and involves the following universities:

European Testing Grounds for Higher Education

The INVEST University Alliance will be one of the pioneers that will contribute to shaping the future of higher education in Europe. The University Alliance will receive EU funding for the first three years for innovation and increasing the quality of education and applied research.

Regions as Sustainable Motors in Europe

Through INVEST, VHL combines the developments related to sustainability in education and research. The regions in Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Finland are also developing as the economic and sustainable motors driving the future of Europe. By combining forces, INVEST partners will create increased regional importance and international relevance. Additionally, INVEST provides VHL with the opportunity to exert more influence on European policy related to education and research, and better opportunities for new grants for education and research.

An International Dimension for Study Programmes

Through INVEST, it will be easy for students to get in contact with VHL’s European partner institutions. The different INVEST activities will provide them with opportunities to develop and practise their subject knowledge as well as language, intercultural, and leadership skills. INVEST will offer VHL students new unique interdisciplinary study programmes, from Bachelor’s (10), to Master’s (4), and PhD (2), and diploma recognition in five countries. With INVEST, they will increase the quality of their own study programme.

The focus will remain on the connection between education and research. Through integrated subsidised study periods at partner universities and internships or final projects in Living Labs throughout Europe, students from five different countries will be able to collaborate on education and research projects. This also includes hackathons in which multidisciplinary teams will develop solutions for sustainability challenges in the area for clients. All of this will form part of their study programme, with credits gained within INVEST being automatically accepted, of course. 

INVEST Focal Points

The collaboration between the partners is focused on providing education and conducting research in relation to:

A: Water, Energy Food and Environment Nexus

  • Climate proof regional development
  • Sustainable, smart agriculture, Aquaculture, Food security, Food safety
  • Water resources management
  • Energy transition, Green energies
  • Natural and cultural heritage

B: Quality of Life

  • Education and capacity building
  • Urban-rural relationship
  • Inter-European citizenship
  • Ensuring and quality of public services
  • Life-long learning

C: Entrepreneurship

  • Circular-/ Bio-Based Economy
  • Job creation and human capital management
  • New business models and smart technologies
  • Regional sustainability driven capitalism and bio-based industries.
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