Nextquestrian Sheds Light on Equestrian Assessment Through Eye-Tracking Technology


This year’s Nextquestrian event, organized by Equine, Sports and Business students from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, focuses on the use of Tobii’seye-tracking technology in equestrian sports. Innovative technology, a fabulous atmosphere and an enriching program will ensure the event is the place to be.

Nextquestrian Sheds Light on Equestrian Assessment Through Eye-Tracking Technology

Nextquestrian will take place on 19th January 2024 from 13:00 to 20:45 at Hippisch Centrum Lathum, Huis te Lathumweg 2, 6988 BS Lathum, Netherlands. Tickets for Nextquestrian can be purchased through, including student discounts.

Equestrian Sports Beyond Riding

Dr Inga Wolframm, Professor of Sustainable Equestrianism at Van Hall Larenstein will be the host for the day. “ Equestrianism isn’t just about being able to ride horses well. It’s also about being able to assess horses and horse-rider combinations, in training, at competition, and even at home in the field. Some equestrian experts are extremely good at this, being able to spot a talented horse well before anyone else. But what is it that they see that the rest of us don’t? How can we learn from them? This is where eye-tracking can – quite literally – be an eye-opener. This highly advanced technology allows us to track what highly experienced trainers and judges are looking at, helping us gain a much better understanding of how to assess horses, for better welfare, more harmonious performance and a sustainable equestrian future.”

Equestrian Clinics, Eye-movement Footage and Interactive Panel Discussion

This year’s program features clinics by three internationally renowned equestrian experts:

  • Free jumping clinic with Jacques Verkerk, breeding expert and equine journalist
  • Show jumping clinic with John Ledingham, former Olympian and trainer for Ireland
  • Dressage clinic with Jan Bemelmans, former Olympic dressage trainer of the Spanish and French team

Discover exactly what judges and trainers focus on post-session as we reveal exclusive eye-tracking footage. Share your observations via our interactive online form. Your insights will fuel a lively panel discussion starring Dr Thijs van Loon, DVM, Associate professor in

Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia at Utrecht University, Bineke de Vries, coordinator for the Federatie Paardrijden Gehandicapten, and Marlies Reibestein, cross breeder of Iberian and warmblood horses, alongside trainers. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your equestrian knowledge and network.

Information and contact: Instagram @nextquestrian.