HBO-Monitor: Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences Graduates Look Back Satisfied


Graduates from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (VHL) are more satisfied with their studies than the national average for university of applied sciences graduates. A significant portion of the alumni would choose the same study at VHL again and recommend the study to others. Additionally, VHL graduates are positive about their preparation for the job market, as indicated by figures from the HBO Monitor 2023.

The HBO Monitor surveys graduates on their entry into the job market and their reflections on their education. The satisfaction of 76% of graduates about their study in general (versus 64% nationally) is a valuable affirmation of the efforts of all colleagues at the university for Jan van Iersel, President of the Executive Board: “The university is known for the passion and enthusiasm with which teachers impart their subject knowledge. Moreover, we place great importance on student welfare. The fact that this study shows students are more satisfied after their studies than average is a valuable confirmation of the work that all colleagues do for this.”

Looking Back Positively on the Education

On eight aspects, VHL alumni score significantly higher than national averages for university of applied sciences graduates, including all aspects of ‘study satisfaction’ and ‘satisfaction with educational aspects’. For example, 78% would recommend their own study to family or friends (last year 75%), compared to 70% nationally.

VHL graduates are - more than last year and more than the national average - satisfied with the content of the education and the teachers. The integration of applied research is also appreciated more than nationally, even though the VHL figure has dropped slightly compared to last year.

Preparation for the Job Market

VHL graduates are more positive than average about their preparation for the job market. For instance, 77% of VHL alumni state that ‘the education provides a good basis to further develop competences’. Regarding career opportunities, they are slightly less positive than the national average (66% versus 68%).

High Response Rate for Important Quality Indicator

50% of those who graduated from VHL in 2021-2022 participated in the HBO Monitor 2023 one and a half years after their graduation. This is again a significantly higher response than the national average (39%). VHL uses the HBO Monitor to measure the satisfaction of recent alumni with the education and to monitor the alignment with the job market.