Appointment of Anneke Luijten – Lub as a member of the Executive Board


The Supervisory Board is very pleased to announce that Anneke Luijten – Lub has been appointed to the Executive Board for the next 4 years.

Anneke was appointed as an ad interim board member exactly one year ago for the period of one year. Henk Ovink, Chair of the Supervisory Board, is therefore pleased to report that the appointment is now finalised.

‘With Anneke, we have an enthusiastic director who brings experience, knowledge and expertise. Her previous positions include Director of Education and Research (staff) at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, as well as a directorship at the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). Quality is paramount to her. Furthermore, she is open and accessible and brings a broad external network. We look forward to continued cooperation and wish Anneke much pleasure and success in her position as a member of the Executive Board

Anneke sees a bright future. ‘I have been very pleased to spend the past year working for the most sustainable university of applied sciences, HVHL. I started a year ago around when the new Institutional Plan was being announced, which describes how the university of applied sciences will focus its education and research on four transitions in the areas of water, climate, a healthy food chains and biodiversity. Themes that, I believe, have never been more urgent. Therefore, I am happy to pursue my work and contribution to it. HVHL has so much to offer as a collaborative partner in education and research. I will be enthusiastically continuing my work as an administrator, both inside and outside the organisation, in order to continue building the world of tomorrow with my colleagues, the business world and governments, with and for students.’

Jan van Iersel, President of the Executive Board: ‘I find Anneke's administrative experience and her experience in the field of quality invaluable. Anneke is also a pleasant colleague to work with; I am delighted with her appointment!

The appointment was made through a public process supervised by the Van der Kruijs firm.