Creative ideas rewarded at Business Fair and Innovation Market


About 150 enthusiastic students of VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) presented their creative and sustainable business ideas at the Business Fair and Innovation Market in Velp on June 18, 2021. The participants were first and second year students of International Business in Food and Flowers, Management of the Living Environment, Food Technology, Animal Husbandry and International Development Management. For the jury it was a challenge to select the best ones, but in the end the following brilliant teams emerged as winners.

Towards a sustainable world
From all 25 business ideas showcased at the Business Fair, the second year students from the five study programmes proved that young entrepreneurs are the future. The team Sustainable Bonus Card won the first prize of the VHL Sustainability Awards. They aim to contribute towards a sustainable future by promoting a loyalty card that customers can use to receive discounts for products with a relatively low carbon footprint like sustainable grown products, fresh and unprocessed foods, locally produced goods and non-animal products. The Rabobank Award was given to team Therma EQ, who aims to develop a thermal imaging stable camera to aid in the promotion of welfare for horses and disease control. 

Marketing via social media
The Audience Award for the second year students was given to the Animal Husbandry students who thought of creating Changeable Spurs for horses to save time, money, and the environment by providing one spur with changeable ends. The team won a starters voucher worth € 2000 for expert support from the VHL Entrepreneurship Centre.

The New Beeginning bagged three silver awards. Their mission is prevent future locust disasters by training beekeepers and local organisations in Africa.

The Social Media Award went to Humanimals. Check out their Instagram account to learn why!

Innovation Market in collaboration with Romanian partners
At the innovation market, 11 teams of first year students from IDM and Food Technology presented their ideas. The Common Ground, whose idea is to create an intergenerational meeting point for the residents of Gazarie community in the municipality of Moinesti in Romania, won the first prize of the Innovation Awards.

Furthermore, the first year students of IDM presented their innovation ideas to the municipality of Moinesti. The team who envisioned establishing a Domestic Abuse Shelter went home with two prizes: the Audience Award for Innovations Market and the Moinesti Award. The latter was specially handed out by partners from Romania Moinesti Commune, Regional Development Agency of Romania, and Bacau University.

Did you miss the event last Friday? All 36 video pitches and presentations from the Business Fair and Innovation Market are available at