VHL’s first HBO Post-doc proposal approved!


Last week NWO-SIA approved VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL)’s first HBO Post-doc proposal titled ‘ Towards Resilient Communities: Action Learning with SDGs as Compass’, which was submitted by Annelies Heijmans, lecturer International Development & Management. A grant of €80.000 will enable her to spend 50% of her time on education and 50% on research for the coming two years. The aim of SIA’s HBO post-doc program is to strengthen the link between research and education, to further improve the quality of applied research, and to keep lecturers with a PhD longer in higher education.

Annelies’ post-doc research aims to develop a methodology to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) effectively in VHL’s applied research. She will explore how the SDGs can be used as a compass to improve performance and outcomes of transdisciplinary collaborations in several Living Labs in the Netherlands, Indonesia and India. Success mechanisms, obstacles and trade-offs will be made visible by reviewing the applied research activities vis-a-vis all 17 SDGs. Outcomes of these regular reviews will be discussed with all stakeholders in order to improve their inter­ventions and innovations. This is expected to result in adapted sustainability practices and lessons learned on reaching community resilience.

Transdisciplinary education and learning pathways

Secondly, this HBO post doc aims to formulate a roadmap to design transdisciplinary education and learning pathways (from mono- to multi-, inter- and trans­disciplinary engagement) across study and research programmes within VHL. Future graduates of VHL require the competence to work together with others outside one own’s discipline, institute, culture or context. Living Labs involved in this ‘applied’ postdoc offer a suitable learning environment to gain insight into how to develop this competence.

More information

Rik Eweg, professor Sustainable Agribusiness in Metropolitan Areas will be Annelies Heijmans’ direct supervisor. In addition a Steering Group of professors and lecturers will be formed consisting of those who are involved in the selected Living Labs and are interested in developing transdisciplinary education. For more information on the content of the HBO-post doc, please contact [email protected]

Annelies Heijmans, lecturer International Development & Management
Annelies Heijmans, lecturer International Development & Management