Most sustainable University of Applied Sciences


The SustainaBul is a list of institutes for higher education, compiled every year since 2012 by students. For the presentation of the yearly SustainaBul ‘Studenten voor morgen’ (students for tomorrow) classify universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in order of sustainability. They send a questionnaire to the institutes and give scores based on the answers and evidence.

According to the jury all participants show a ‘distinct increase’ in sustainability. TU Eindhoven is now at the top of the list, leaving Wageningen University behind. Avans was the most sustainable University of Applies Sciences last year, when VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) ended 7th. But ‘Green’ VHL has made a great leap upwards and is now in third place.

With the SustainaBul Students for Tomorrow tries to bring about more sustainability in higher education. The event is a fusion of the Green ICT Conference and Duurzaamheid by SURF. The presentation of the SustainaBul by Students for Tomorrow took place at the TU Eindhoven on National Sustainability in Higher Education Day.

Happy with recognition

Diane Keizer, member of the Executive Board of VHL, is very happy with the recognition by students. ‘As a University of Applied Sciences we have an important social position. Being the green school that we are, we feel a strong need to be careful with our planet and the people on it. That is why we educate professionals in a way that they can make sustainable choices in their field.’

Earlier this year the school was one of the first Dutch educational institutes to get the MVO certificate on a Recognized Level.

Amongst other questions, the students asked about education and research: to what extent is sustainability part of the curriculum and do staff members look for sustainable solutions? Operational management is also part of the test which shows that sustainability is a broad concept. Ranging from sustainable purchases to sustainably prepared lunches in the school cafeteria. Finally, sustainable availability is also an important aspect.