Student exchange week VHL – Sichuan University


The Institute of Disaster Response and Reconstruction (Sichuan University – the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and the specialization Disaster Risk Management (International Development and Management – VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) Velp) have organized an exchange week.

Research topics

In 2008, Chengdu and its surroundings were hit by a major earthquake, killing 75,000 people. During the exchange week six students of VHL and six Chinese students will explore three research topics on the risks of earthquakes:

  1. cooperation between government and NGOs before, during and after a disaster
  2. which methods of risk analysis are used
  3. the approach of the reconstruction after disaster

Working together

The Chinese and Dutch students work together very pleasantly. Today they’ve experienced the effects of the 2008 earthquake in an earthquake simulator and visited the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Center. Tomorrow they will visit Beichuan, an area that was heavily affected by the earthquake in 2008.