Study Choice Check

We believe it is important that you choose a course of study that matches your needs and wishes. The Study Choice Check is part of your application and helps you to find out whether studying at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) is in line with your expectations.

Every student enrolling for a (full-time) Bachelor's programme at VHL must take part in a Study Choice Check*. The Study Choice Check consists of an online questionnaire and, if necessary, a Study Choice consultation (in person or digitally). Please note the Study Choice Check is not a test! It’s a questionnaire that includes questions about your previous education, skills, expectations, interests, wishes for the future, motivation and student life in the Netherlands. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a study choice advice.

  1. Positive advice - you are welcome to continue your application;
  2. Positive advice, you are also welcome to continue your application, but we recommend that you follow one of the Study Choice activities that are offered;
  3. An invitation to attend a Study Choice consultation (in person or digitally). We would like to speak to you personally to understand your qualities and see where your opportunities lie.

What is a Study Choice consultation?

We hold a Study Choice consultation with students whom we suspect may not have a realistic understanding of the programme. There may also be doubts about the student's level or the fact that his/her previous education does not match up with the selected programme. During a Study Choice consultation, we will help these students as much as we can and will provide professional advice.
Based on the Study Choice consultation, you will receive positive or negative Study Choice advice. This Study Choice advice is only binding for students who applied after 1 May. If you enrolled before 1 May, the Study Choice advice is not binding. To clarify this: this relates to admission for the next academic year.

If you’d like to learn more about the Study Choice consultation, download this document about the Study Choice check. This document outlines the implications of not participating in the Study Choice check without having a valid reason for this. This document also provides more information about how you can object to the advice you are given.

How long will this process take?

Approximately one week after you have submitted your enrolment request to VHL, you will receive an invitation to take part in the Study Choice Check (these invitations are sent from December onwards). You will then have a maximum of 15 working days in which to complete the online questionnaire. Within 15 working days of receiving your questionnaire, VHL will send you a written response. If there is cause to arrange an appointment for a Study Choice consultation, this appointment will take place no more than 30 working days of our written response being sent to you. You will receive our Study Choice advice within two working days of the Study Choice consultation.

* Students from our partner universities (Baramati, YAU, Sichuan, Kunming) attending 2+2 or 3+1 programmes will not need to do a Study Choice Check. They will undergo a pre-selection process at their home university.

Here you can read the Regulations prospective student activities and programme advice.