Organising partners

Organising partners of Littoral 2018 are: 

VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL)

The Littoral conference is organised by VHL. Our mission is to educate new professionals that contribute to creating a more sustainable and better world. We do this by cooperating with each other and our network partners in a fun but productive way. These ambitions translate to the way we shape our education, applied research and organisation. As a university of applied sciences, we perform high-quality practice oriented research, that both strengthens our education and our position as a university. As a university, we deliver practice oriented solutions to questions from the international work field, and provide, apart from academic research, masters and courses for regional, national and international students.

Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC

The Littoral 2018 conference is one of a series of events stemming from the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC). Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) is a non-profit organization with a membership of around 500 institutions, NGOs and experts, in 40 countries. Its network at large involves about 3000 professionals involved in coastal and marine management issues. EUCC has been organizing bi-annual conferences since 1987 implementing its network’s mission, i.e., “bringing together the scientific community, coastal practitioners and policy makers”. Until 1999, the conference was organized uniquely by EUCC under the name “Coastlines”, and later it joined forces with Euro coast, an association mainly concerned by the technical aspects of coastal processes, thus giving birth to the ‘Littoral’ conferences in 2002.

Conference organisers

This edition is mainly organised by staff from the university. Leading in this are project leaders Ruben de Vries and Leo Bentvelzen, both lecturers at the university, Henk-Jan Niezen, an intern attending the Coastal and Marine Management programme, Kira Rokx, education assistant, Angelique Kuiper, vice-dean Delta Areas and Resources and Paddy Walker, associate lecturer. Erik van Dijk, treasurer at the EUCC, helps organise the event on behalf of the EUCC.

Other acknowledgements

Thank you to the many (Coastal and Marine Management) colleagues who assisted in promoting this event. They are too numerous to mention individually.